2020 Honda CB500X Thailand Rumors

2020 Honda CB500X Thailand Rumors

2020 Honda CB500X Thailand Rumors – The new Honda CB 500X 2020 will arrive in Thailand full of novelties and improvements. This crossover/adventurer of average displacement of the brand, already available in Europe, has new design, with more defined and aggressive angles.

The great novelty in CB 500X 2020 is undoubtedly the front wheel, which is now 19 ″. It is very welcome for light off-road incursions and, as much as it is aluminum alloy and not Ramada, it offers greater comfort compared to the previous model that has wheels of 17 ″.

2020 Honda CB500X Thailand Rumors

2020 Honda CB500X Thailand Rumors
2020 Honda CB500X Thailand Rumors

In addition, it received a narrower seat, larger stroke in front and rear suspensions, full LED illumination (headlights, flashlights, and blinkers), new rear suspension, assisted and sliding clutch and a new exhaust with a dual output.

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The instrument panel is also completely new, digital in LCD and counts with gear indicator, in addition to the usual partial and total pedometers and indicators of speed and rotation.

2020 Honda CB500X Engine

The engine is the same bicilíndral of 471 CC with liquid coolant but, it has received adjustments to deliver more power and torque between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm. It is capable of generating up to 50.4 hp of maximum power and 4.55 lb of torque.

Still, in the mechanical category, the gearbox is 6 speeds and is now equipped with assisted and sliding clutch which, in addition to providing an easier gearshift, avoids the rear wheel lock in the abrupt reductions.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 17.7 liters, which makes it possible to run more without worry. Finally, the weight of the bike is only 183 kg, which makes it easy to maneuver.

2019 Honda CB500X Price

In relation to the price, currently, the CB 500X 2019 is sold by R $27,390 and the price of the new model has not yet been disclosed.

Finally, with these novelties and improvements, the CB 500X 2020 will further reinforce its leadership in Thailand, in the crossover/adventurer segment of medium displacement.

2020 Honda CB500X Review
2020 Honda CB500X Review

2019 Honda CB500X Features

Here is one of the best secrets on motorcycles: Bike Adventure not only let you explore some interesting places, but they are also some of the best on the entire motorcycle ever. And for 2019, we’ve taken one of the best-Honda CB500X-and made it even better. This will be more midrange power, so it’s even more fun to ride. The new back shock with the internal diameter is greater for better travel. New slimmer seat. More travel suspension. A new Slipper/assist clutch. And the list goes on.

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What hasn’t changed, though, is what pleases all-around this machine. The combination of lightweight, narrow profile and powerful engine let it shine on the winding road back, but also make it fun to ride in urban commutes. The upright sitting position just feels right for so many riders, and lets you sit upright and see what’s going on around you. The twin-cylinder Powerband is only about perfect for riding most of us do, with a lot of torque and accessible power. Passengers-ready, it’s big enough to share the fun, too.

Twin-Cylinder Engine

Revised this year to showcase more power and torque in the midrange, the CB500X’s 471cc, liquid-cooled engine features parallel cylinders with dual overhead Cams. Lightweight, narrow, and powerful, it just strikes the perfect balance of what the motorcycle engine should be.

CB500X uses upright ascending positions. Plus, this year we’ve provided a new, rigid, premium tapered handlebars that improve steering feedback, along with a narrow chair that makes it easier to put your feet in the parking lot or on the stoplights.

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