2020 Honda FORZA 300 ABS

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2020 Honda FORZA 300 ABS

2020 Honda FORZA 300 ABS – This latest incarnation has a tubular steel frame all-new; a lighter bone for a powerful 279cc pull engine that provides a graceful ride. Now with the Honda Adjustable Torque Control (HSTC) – the first time on the Honda Scooter – you can get the perfect traction. The full LED lighting, in front of you will find the windscreen adjustable electronically, digital and analogue assembly, panel counters. This new scooter has a real GT feel, but underneath you will discover that it has a very real sporty nature.

It’s a fast-moving sculpture of aerodynamic efficiency and style. Forza is a portrait of the smooth modern lines that create a true sense of elegance with a fresh, sharp and focused look. The windscreen can be adjusted which works electronically through a total of 140mm and you are installed. The height can be changed simply by pushing the button – up or down – on the left steering wheel to suit changing weather conditions ever – reducing noise and fatigue.

2020 Honda FORZA 300 ABS

2020 Honda FORZA 300 ABS
2020 Honda FORZA 300 ABS

2020 Honda FORZA 300 Specs

Forza has excellent security and storage capacity and this is essential for the city’s life. It features a handy ACC plug to charge up your laptop and a couch space under the seat for up to two full face helmets (depending on the size), so there is less to perform once you’re in the place you want it to be. The new LCD panel is designed to combine the elegant analog speedometer and allows the rider to see all the information clearly in a glance, day or night.

The bright front lamp and the new rear lights – indicators are also designed – as part of the new sculpted Forza look. But it is not just about style; It ensures a great presence on the road at night, and improved visibility as well.
The sohc 279cc engine has been tuned to cooled liquid for fun and speeds up faster and smoother, thanks to V-Matic transmission. Forza now has the highest speed without sacrificing its reputation for fuel efficiency – you can go as much as 215 miles on a full tank.

Now, for the first time on the Honda Scooter, the FORZA has a Honda Adjustable Torque Control (HSTC). This feature gradually monitors the torque of the engine to control the sliding rear wheels. It’s like having an extra sense of safety for turns in the wet; but when it’s dry, feeling good at kicks – just putting the right amount of energy out for the quick.

Forza has long been a powerful force in Honda’s two-wheel-line follow-up. Its history as a medium-sized scooter comes back to the year 2000: the first prototype of the template group, offering a dynamic journey, plenty of storage room and innovative braking system combined. It has been well received throughout Europe, where owners have found their multi-role ability useful in every aspect of daily life.

2020 Honda FORZA 300 Top Speed

2020 Honda FORZA 300 Top Speed
2020 Honda FORZA 300 Top Speed

With its trademark blend of sports crafts and GT, the Forza 300 has continually evolved. In 2004 Honda acquired an electronically controlled Materic CVT (Variable Variable Transmission), a stolen-deterrent smart switch, a high-efficiency fuel injection PGM-FI engine and two space helmets for the entire face under the seat.

2005 saw the added brake abs in 2008, luxurious touches such as a sound pack and speakers in addition to the upgraded S-Matic (with auto-progressive setting shift) and added brake brakes. In 2014 he gave us here in the US for the first time. In 2016 I moved again, as the Forza 300 with a new ‘sit-in’ design is big enough to carry two people in perfect comfort, even at highway speeds.

2019 Honda FORZA 300 Review

2019 signs of the unveiling of the 300 Forza radically revised. It has the following tracks in its highly successful wheel of a little brother, the 125 Forza (30,000 of which have been sold in Europe in the 3 years since its launch) and, while retaining the best qualities of its ‘GT’ nature, it is now lighter, smaller, and sportier. The Forza 125 did not sell here in the US but we did not have a brother for some time, the PCX125 before it became what we know today as the PCX150.

The 2019 Forza 300 has a crisp, new look and sportier, more compact dimensions than the previous design. The wheelbase and length are reduced, while it’s also narrower, but with higher seat height to improve visibility. Even with the rear wheel’s new larger diameter, it is 26.45 lb (12kg) lighter thanks to the revised chassis and redesigned frame, which enhances acceleration, maximum speed and fuel efficiency.

Seamlessly adjustable, the new electric screen offers maximum wind protection at a speed or ultimate freedom throughout the city. Honda’s torque control was added to the choice (hstc) and can be turned on and off from the left steering wheel. The revised data serves additional information digitally, in support of the analog dial and all the lighting is LED. The Smart Key provides control over the optional 45-liter box.

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