2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Rumors

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2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Rumors

2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Rumors – Ride and glide towards the horizon in style and elegance on this luxury touring bike with high performance. The new BMW 1600 K GTL is a high-quality peak and absolute comfort. The standard model is equipped with the legendary six-cylinder in-line engine, and now includes the latest generation of ESA Bios and ABS Pro. The redesigned new panels enhance their elegant appearance. Stay calm and collect in any weather conditions and at any distance. Enjoy an easy route on all your flights, either alone or with passengers. Traveling with the K 1600 GTL is a unique experience – elegant, strong and luxurious – the first class awaits you with two wheels.

When dynamic performance meets luxury, the results are always exclusive and attractive. BMW motorrad K 1600 offers exclusive GTL – high-end touring bikes that carry maximum visual technology and design. This GTL makes all 6 cylindrical dreams come true. The unique new metallic sparkling effect of paint changes clearly between black and golden green golden brown depending on how light hits it.

2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Rumors

2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Rumors
2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Rumors

The design has received 1600 K GTL upgrades from the first class. The newly designed profile, grille grille, pieces and storage compartments make them look more elegant. This has helped improve details like the last touchpad on a beautiful look. Typical elements such as suspension on front wheel duolever, six straight engines that are highly visible, front xenon and innovative chassis are still pioneers in style. In addition to the redesigned front, including women and windshields, it has been managed by a unique dynamic and elegant line. Three-touch premium paint added by your bike’s exclusive character.

“Exclusive” at first glance: Three layers of paint provide exclusive level outer skin quality and depth of unmatched GTL. The white metal mineral is blended seamlessly with a metallic matt magnesium that is fun and comes with lots of finished surface in chrome, seats in identical colors and many other details – exclusively radiating luxury and dynamic performance every corner.

The legendary six-cylinder line, first-class engines offer an unparalleled unlimited ride and the most extraordinary journey in the luxury tour sector. It has 160 hp (118 kW) output and a maximum torque of 129 lb-ft at 5,250 rpm supplies perfect dynamic momentum. This device is also capable of reaching 70% of the torque at 1,500 rpm.

2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Review

2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Review
2020 BMW K 1600 GTL Review

Exclusive labels are also equipped with strong in-line razor-line cylinders. Its uniqueness lies in its details: Hill begins to control to move the capacitance easily on the slope, the keyless vehicle automatically releases the steering, ignition lock, fuel tank cap, and alarm system as soon as the key is within two meters of a motorcycle. Ambient radio radio abortion is integrated into the body and bright riding light during the day with LED technology enhancing vision and security.

ESA Dynamic which is equipped with a standard adds a new dimension to your driving experience. In milliseconds, this unit is very sensitive to detect driving conditions and adjust dampers in suspension. This ensures an ideal damper arrangement in any driving position. Even on the slopes, previously unimaginable damping comfort levels have now been reached, which causes a very stable journey.

The choice of combined equipment for GTL is the most common in demand among motorbikes. Central locking with an alarm system and seat backs with a backrest come as standard. Included are ESA II, DTC, RDC, additional front valves, adaptive front xenon, second brake lights and floor lighting for comfortable travel. BMW’s onboard PC function has been upgraded and integrated engine protectors as standard.

The 1600 K GTL also offers unmatched comfort. The avoidance feature includes a large amount of space and excellent access. Careful thinking and easily accessible storage space solutions focus on rider comfort, making the K 1600 LNG an uncompromising choice in round quality. Driving with a partner on a long journey is a real pleasure thanks to a variety of interesting features such as central locking, heated seats, electrically adjustable windshields, and a set of seating height. The multi-control concept is very important, allowing drivers to switch functions comfortably without removing their hands from the rope or their eyes from the road.

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