2020 BMW C Evolution Rumors

2020 BMW C Evolution Rumors

2020 BMW C Evolution Rumors – You can experience urban mobility tomorrow with the relentless evolution of BMW. This small scooter combines electricity with sustainability, dynamism and speed with designs that attract everyone’s attention. Evolution C invites you to leave noise and smoke in urban traffic. The powerful motor and electric motor ensure direct torque and driving range up to 99 miles. It also comes in four driving modes and is equipped with intelligent power recovery. Upscale driving performance, coupled with environmental preservation, innovative technology underlines the fact that evolution C refers to the uncompromising pleasure of riding.

Form C is development at first sight from BMW Motorrad. The large LED and TFT screens reflect BMW’s technological leadership, while sharing an amazing part of sharing DNA with the rest of the BMW Motorrad family. This statement is governed by an attractive new color, ionic silvery metal with a green electric tone. The graphics on the side cover add to the modern appearance of the electric scooter. The development design elements are equipped with high quality, finishing and attention to detail.

2020 BMW C Evolution Rumors

2020 BMW C Evolution Rumors
2020 BMW C Evolution Rumors

2020 BMW C Evolution Specs

Unlike traditional internal combustion engines, electric motor C provides the evolution of torque from the cul-de-sac, rather than gradually building peak torque. With 48 horsepower (35 kW) and 53-foot (72 Nm) of torque on the output shaft, this engine provides instant driving pleasure. The maximum speed electronically is set to 80 mph to ensure the best consumption and energy range. With acceleration from 0-30 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds, traffic will run out quickly when the lights turn green.

BMW C Evolution Hybrid

The energy storage device in the evolution of BMW C consists of three modules, each containing twelve cell lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to the latest generation battery module with 94 ah versus 60 ah, the evolution range C reaches 99 miles (per WMTC).

A fully waterproof battery cover is made of cast aluminum and also features complete electronic control and control systems. This is part of the support structure and collision protection for lithium-ion battery modules.

BMW I is the source of technological inspiration behind the evolutionary C battery. High-quality modules are similar to those used in BMW i3 and are manufactured at the same factory in Dingolfing. Part of the electronic control system was also adopted from i3 and i8. This voltage, current and temperature is covered and ensures that high voltage is activated and stops safely.

BMW C Evolution Electric

Batteries are charged in the evolution of BMW C using an integrated charger, either in an ordinary home electrical outlet or at a charging station. The car plug socket on the car is compatible with the car plug type 1. The standard charger cable is compatible with the home jack. Or, the Moda 3 charger cable can be used so you can use a common charging station or wall box. It provides access to 16 thousand currently for faster delivery. A short charging period is very practical in everyday use. As in the new silent charging mode, which makes charging a little longer but quieter.

Evolution C defines technology standards and is characterized by great diversity. With four different driving modes, the variable evolution of the trip is fully adapted to the wishes of the cavalry. Innovative features like TCA and TCA show one thing that is very clear: with C evolution, you are a leader in new movements – without compromise in driving performance and environmental compatibility.

2020 BMW C Evolution Review

2020 BMW C Evolution Review
2020 BMW C Evolution Review

To ensure that the wide torque is still controlled by the driver at all times, the electronic control system monitors the rear wheel speed and reduces torque when needed. The torque control system (TCA) operates in a manner similar to ASC (automatic stability control), preventing uncontrolled rear wheel rotation – especially when starting.

With heavy recovery and associated high torque, the TCA also prevents the rear wheels from closing, similar to the way ABS works when braking, which is installed by this event as a standard in C evolution.
Technically reversible on a motorcycle scooter, the Reverse Assist feature is standard in the development of BMW C. In the city, this function facilitates maneuvering and exiting the parking space where space is limited. This is activated by a switch on the handlebars, reversing activating is displayed on the screen.

BMW C Evolution Technology

BMW C is also equipped with this innovative technology. When the brakes are applied, the electric motor automatically turns into a generator and the brake energy is converted into a battery in the form of electrical energy. The result is greater energy efficiency and long-term turnover.

Recovery involves the generation of torsion tensile pulls, whose strength depends on the level of healing. For passengers, this torque looks like an engine brake which applies when the accelerator is released by the combustion engine.
Instead of an analog circular machine, BMW C has one central digital screen. The large, easy-to-read TFT color display contains all known information and internal computer functions such as speed, temperature, distance, and so on. There is also a battery charging indicator and two displays for power consumption (ePOWER) and recovery (CHARGE).

2020 BMW C Evolution Design

The development of the BMW C suspension system is designed to achieve the best in both worlds: better stability in the direction of high speed and optimal handling of traffic in the city. The low battery center provides easy operation and ensures excellent slow operation. Integration of electric motors requires a completely new approach to suspension design. The battery cover replaces the known mainframe: it has a one-sided lever from the drivetrain.

Front and rear wheel mounts look almost conventional. The upside-down fork in front contains a 4.7-inch spring trip. The rear wheels are guided by a one-arm swing arm with 4.5 inches of spring flight. C 650 Sport wheels and brakes or C 650 GT. Standard BMW Motorrad ABS also adopts Bosch’s two-channel system from two large motorbikes. However, two additional integrated sensors for energy recovery and ABS programs were adapted accordingly. But to control the recovery of power, two additional sensors are integrated and the ABS program is modified.

The body and work environment of the BMW C are inspired by its fuel-efficient brothers, the C 650 Sport. Sport-style windshields provide adequate protection in urban environments and give passengers good public views. The high windshield, available as an optional accessory, offers more comfort and better wind protection. The car weighs 606 pounds, which is slightly heavier than the BMW Maxi motor with a combustion engine. This relatively low additional weight is achieved using modern composite materials.

2020 BMW C Evolution Features

Under the passenger seat is a large storage space for integrated helmets, grocery stores or bags. The right compartment is locked on a footrest containing a charging cable or other small items, and has a 12-volt socket. Large folders, available as optional accessories, provide more storage space.

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