2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Rumors

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2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Rumors

2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Rumors – Keep running your machine, every day. Beat your heart with the BMW F 750 GS rhythm. This is your ticket to adventure because you are balanced with a diverse Enduro, you will master all the paths, free from the road surface and expand your horizon – because you want more. The BMW F 750 GS gives you more power, more comfort, and more enthusiasm than GS. Enjoy powerful operators and enjoy the ease of handling F 750 GS. When you come out to find the world, you have a bicycle with automatic stability control (ASC) and ABS is under control safely. Apart from the option to connect to the previous option, the 6.5 “TFT screen is one of the things you should close or contact you. Clear and concise – without being distracted from the road. Access your next experience – also thanks to the low seat height – easier than previous.

2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Rumors

2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Rumors
2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Rumors

BMW F 750 GS Specifications

From thin backgrounds to stunning front tanks to the front GS back row, the F 750 GS element speaks in clear language, and motorbikes have GS. Unambiguous and original are flyline models. With a display on the front, the new LED headlamps are very striking – a real light icon. The exclusive galvanized galvanized lamp highlights the high quality of all worshipers and embodies the GS spirit.
When you start F 750 GS, the trip starts to an unknown area. A dynamic two-cylinder drum will add a smile to your face – 57 kW (77 hp), providing new engine power designed on the rear wheels – while maintaining very low consumption (4.1 liters per 100 km) according to WMTC.

Ease of movement, high comfort, and reduced suspension make you enter GS world easier than before. To ensure that you sit perfectly, the F 750 can be adjusted to various seat heights: from 770 mm to 830 mm. A calming but active position with a changing work environment supports your active safety and forms a unity between you and your motorcycle – for a relaxing tour.

2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Review

2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Review
2020 BMW F 750 GS Adventure Review

2020 BMW F 750 GS Models

Do you want to have high performance with F 750 GS? Thus, exclusive style with matte metallic satin is ideal for you. With this model, galvanized radiator curtains with large GS strips and gray granite edges perfectly adjust the F 750 GS. Black / gray seat, two hand protection and silver anodized round handle from a delicious appearance.

BMW F 750 GS Features

The BMW F 750 GS moves smartly forward – with connectivity you can connect your smartphone to the F 750 GS via Bluetooth and run a variety of innovative functions with a versatile and easy to use controller on the steering wheel. This is then displayed on the 6.5 “TFT screen. The navigation system shows you a turn-by-turn approach to a clearly visible presentation, directly on the screen. With BMW Motorrad, the phone is a children’s game – either by receiving or making your own calls by connecting a cellphone to your smart multi-controller, you can even access your contact list and choose contacts.With the communication system, you can even get music from your smartphone and turn it on while you are traveling.It is always intuitive and without annoying guarantees.

F 750 GS Accessories

There is something for each type of horseman: The F 750 GS can be tailored to your needs – many seats are available with different seats. There are also low double seats and comfortable chairs. If desired, bicycles can also be reduced with a low suspension option. Modern LED backlights highlight the dynamic design of BMW F 750 GS. The BMW F 750 GS is equipped with a small wind shield, providing adequate wind and weather protection for all your trips. Upon request, you can add a larger wind shield as an additional accessory.

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