2019 Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner

2019 Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner

2019 Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner  – The ride was absolutely good so that a conclusion about vfr800f should have been easy. The updated V4 was fast and fun on a spectacularly winding and traffic-free road near Alicante. It was handled, stopped and was comfortable, and with its sharp red dissolving in the Spanish sunshine it looked great in the process. But as I killed its V4 engine for the last time I was unsure what to make of the VFR. Yes it was good, but I could not have wondered how much better it would have been if Honda developed a new all-engine chassis, then added the highest quality electronics package to make this model as advanced as the VFR750F which started in the 1986 line.

This was the first problem for Honda in the development of VFR: its predecessors set a very high bar. This original V4 was one of the most important models ever made by Honda because with its reliable performance and unobstructed versatility it has almost independently recovered the company’s reputation after a series of unreliable bikes including the VF750F.

2019 Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner

2019 Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner
2019 Honda VFR 800 Crossrunner

2019 Honda VFR 800 Specs

Honda’s other problem was justifying the main update. The popular VFR fell in the late 1990s, and although the 2002 VFR800F model with away from the popular Vtec system sold globally well, it could not stop the decline. These days, with many riders having abandoned the traditional sport of adventure cycling, it is even harder to make the amounts add up. Even the Honda development budget is not running to change the basic design of the 782cc engine or the main aluminum frame spars.

But there is still a lot that’s new. The changes start with the look: the VFR still does not let anyone, with its one-color paint neat (in white or black as well as red), but now slimmer subtly and more clearly, and with LED-front LEDs on the X-shaped VFR1200F. It’s smaller, and is powered by a reciprocating side radiator mounted on one front. And it’s 10kg lighter in wet 239kg, mainly thanks to the rear sub-frame in the aluminum instead of the steel, the new exhaust with one silencer instead of two under the seat.

The feel is more sport than the tourist car, partly because the riding position means you tend to forward the clips to the ribbons, though those are slightly higher and more back than the previous model. The screen is sport – the bike is very low and there is no adjustment. At least the seat is now adjustable height, 789mm accessible at its lowest level. It is also generously sized, equipped with matching color seat seat cover plus retractable grab handles.

2019 Honda VFR 800 Engine

The engine is still 16 valve, 90 degree V4 and returned to perform a more low rev, with new cams, revised fuel injection and longer intake hoppers. The new European ECU adjusts the VTEC system to work more smoothly because it stops one inlet and one exhaust valve in each cylinder from opening at low laps, enhancing torque by increasing the speed of the mixture. The peak production is little by horsepower, and it does not seem so bad to realize that the figure of 104 horsepower at 10, 250rpm means this bike is less powerful than the original, 105bhp vfr750f from 28 years ago!

Perhaps the strangest thing is that despite everything that still feels fast enough, at least those Spanish ways are mostly narrow and convoluted. The strong performance of Low Rev. is part of the reason for this, making it very easy to ride a bike quickly. There was only one engine setting but that was enough because it worked very well. The fuel was flawless, the response through the medium-term crisp and strong, long-legged bike V4 feel made effort after engaging.

2019 Honda VFR 800 Review

2019 Honda VFR 800 Review
2019 Honda VFR 800 Review

There is enough power to make you smile. The V4 mass remained smooth enough near 11, 750rpm red line to encourage a lot of cycles, for one thing. Most of the time the VFR also turned very lovingly, with the help of Honda’s first accessory Quick Shifter, which was equipped with all bikes launch. But sometimes found a false neutral box that sent high windings with an expensive result. For this reason alone I would not pay extra for Schifter without making sure that was not an issue, although other riders did not complain.

Most of the time engine noise was a great source. There was a V4 runtime in the low cycles, then as it looked at the VTEC at about 7000 lf per minute the bike came alive with almost cruel metal observation that did not fail to discharge the adrenaline in my bloodstream. I do not doubt the advantage of a variable valve system in expanding torque delivery, but for me it was priceless to make the VFR more exciting than the bike with this power to weight ratio was any right to be.

There is enough performance for a maximum speed of about 225 km / h and cruising relaxation much higher than the legal limit. If you are riding an Alpine-loaded alpine seat and luggage, the vfr is likely to feel slow. But on the day of rupturing the Spanish round of back roads I did not find one time cursing them for being slow. I was also happy with the new traction control system, which could not be adjusted (apart from the switch switched on) and did not interfere, although its effectiveness was difficult to judge.

Honda’s handling and consistency are also impressed, although the older frame has the fact that there is no sign of an electronically adjustable or semi-active suspension that BMW or Ducati has certainly offered. Instead VFR gets 43mm rasa on the heels of the fork with preloading and rebound damping (but no compression) adjustment, and the pro-shock attachment with similar adjustment including the remote handle for preloading.

It is neither fancy nor high tech but it works well enough, combining engineering without change and a good choice to make VFR both stable and graceful in a steerable way, so on the roads where it was constantly changing direction. It also stopped very hard, assisted by a new radial calipers Tokiko four-pot ABS system and revamped, although no longer surprising by the front-link system and rear discs.

The VFR was even better if you had pressed the button on the bars of the company or softened its suspension, while perhaps turning to a more athletic or relaxed throttle at the same time? Almost certainly, yes. But I give Honda a good example of what is relatively simple but a good quality can be done, supported by Dunlop SportMax tires capable of clearing the ground enough.

2019 Honda VFR 800 Top Speed

Some details are also well thought out, including useful mirrors, self-canceling indicators, hot control and center stand-all standard setups are very welcome. The 21.5 liter tank would be good for a respectable group of nearly 300km, even if the consumption averages 7l / 100km, as did my bike, rather than Honda’s optimistic claim of 5.1 liters / 100 km. Honda accessory accessories fit without the need for ugly arches. The new instrument panel with a rotational speed in its central position looks elegant, and its information includes fuel consumption and gear setting.

But no information can be laughed at from the steering wheel; the button to disable the traction control seems to be a subsequent idea; there is no cruise control, let alone the integrated Satnav, iPod compatibility or pocket gift that would lift the VFR capability in a further round of that bike Sports is simple. The same applies to the low screen, which unlike those of the most adventurous bikes (and the 1988 model VFR750F that once owned) can not be adjusted, and gave a fair measure of the wind roar. Certainly the absence of such benefits helps explain why many riders abandon the old style of sports tourism?

So in some ways frustrated by vfr as much as it pleases, but overall I can not help liking it a lot. At least Honda’s cautious development enabled them to maintain their competitive price. This VFR800F is not an advanced sporting tourist that could have been if they had pulled out all the stops. But it’s fast, versatile and explosive to ride, and it’s every millimeter past vfr.

2019 Honda VFR 800 Performances

“The V4 is a very special area of ​​engineering inside Honda, and VFR is a special brand.” I was very conscious not only of the history of VFR dating back to 1986 but also of the latest V4 history with VFR1200F and crossrunner and crosstourer, because V4 will have a long future as well Long history inside Honda.

“We can give the engine more top-end power but VFR is not all about chasing a peak power.” The model has a range of use, including a city-hopping and a two-up tour. Medium range, and improved how the VTEC works to achieve smooth performance across a whole range.We also improved aerodynamics and weight reduction, which led to improved performance.


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