Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors

Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors

Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors – In Yamaha we believe that mobility should always be a pleasure. 125 xmax is built to make each trip more enjoyable by giving you the perfect balance in terms of sport, practical and functional.
Whether you’re new to scooters or looking for your next model, you’re going to like what you see when you take a look at it. The 2018 model features a smart keyless switch for a simple noise-free operation – and under the seat there is a huge storage compartment.

Exclusive dual LED headlights and dynamic design emphasizing high quality X-MAX 125 – With traction control and ABS as the standard, you are in control. Choose 125 xmax. Never better 125 xmax is our ultimate all-day urban traveler. Its powerful and economical 125cc, 4-stroke engine delivers strong performance with low operating costs-and-type motorcycle front-wheel drive ensure outstanding comfort.

Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors

Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors
Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors

Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Models

The XMAX pushes the design envelope with advanced sport styling and aggressive, angular cues that put this road ahead of Yamaha competition, for the appearance of high-class flying XMax exceeds expectations. Unlike most scooters, the XMax Forks features a large motorcycle front-type that screws into the steering trunk in both the upper and lower triangular clamps. This provides an ideal balance of strength and stiffness of the chassis, allowing for better damping feeling and shock absorption compared to typical scooter style thorns.

Designed for light and neutral handling of the character, the XMax steel frame results in a wet weight of only 397 pounds, fully fed, for exceptional maneuverability. The XMax features a large 15-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels for enhanced handling and sporty style. As Xmax mounts the latest Dunlop smart tires quickly to tow well in both wet and dry conditions. With a large 267mm and 245mm front and rear brake disc, the XMAX gives the rider Guo braking control backed up by the Yamaha anti-lock braking system, for confidence in all kinds of road conditions.

 2020 Yamaha X-MAX Specs

Xmax is powered by an advanced 292 cc liquid coolant, and four valve one that develops smooth, pliable power. The Yamaha diasil aluminum cylinder was developed for excellent heat dissipation, with a lightweight forged piston and forged crankshaft. The balancer ensures minimum vibration, while the offset cylinder layout and the semi-dry lubrication system sink help reduce friction and drag within the engine.

Thanks to the ever-changing Yamaha transmission, Xmax offers the convenience of truly riding ‘Twist and Go’, which does gears and does not claw. This gives XMAX a personal easy ride that is ideal for breaking traffic in the city on weekdays and enjoying a relaxing ride on the weekend holidays. The CVT system also features a large air cooling path for the drive belt, reducing heat and engine noise significantly.

 2020 Yamaha X-MAX Features

Modern fuel injection features a 12-shaft injector for excellent response, and just like Yamaha’s super-sophisticated touring sports machines, the Xmax features traction control system. TCS constantly monitors wheel speeds, and if the system detects rear tire skidding, the engine cuts power smoothly to help prevent uncontrolled movement.
Thanks to its efficient engine design features and advanced efficiency generation, XMAX delivers 75 mpg. In addition to the large 3.4-gallon fuel tank, xmax features an impressive range of skiers.

The smart key system of Yamaha eliminates the need to use the key to access the device. Start the bike, access to the storage booths and the fuel tank, locking the steering wheel can all be done using the smart key proximity.
Further enhancement comfort is a vast underseat storage area that locks securely to keep valuables safe, large enough for two full face helmets, and comes standard with LED lighting. The gift also includes two additional storage slots, one of which is electronically closed and includes a 12 volt DC outlet.

2020 Yamaha X-MAX Review

2020 Yamaha X-MAX Review
2020 Yamaha X-MAX Review

Yamaha X-MAX 2020 Rumors

Enhancing both style and vision, XMax uses LED lighting, with LED backlights and sharp LED headlights all led. Lamps also use less energy and last for a much longer period than conventional bulbs, reducing maintenance needs.
The xmax includes an adjustable joystick, with 20mm of adjustable rear, which can be quickly changed with extra spare parts. xmax also features a two-position windscreen that can be turned two inches higher to protect the wind further. Finally, the sculpted saddle makes it easy to reach ground when you stop and works with floorboards for a flexible ride position throughout the day.

More than just a practical traveler, the XMax features an elegant, aggressive, angular structure for the appearance of high-flying XMax that exceeds expectations. Featuring advanced technology for use in high-performance sports bikes Yamaha, the XMax motor is smooth, efficient and ready for everything from day to day to navigate to the pleasure of horseback riding on weekends.

With fully automatic transmission transmission, the XMax is very simple to ride, and comes standard with a wide range of rider aid, including traction control and ABS. With a framework designed to handle light and neutral, XMax makes for inspiring confidence riding on any road. High-tech distance xmax features from your typical bare bone scooter, including LED lighting and advanced devices. With plenty of storage on a lockable board, a 12v power outlet for recharging small appliances and adjustable steering wheel and windscreen, the XMAX is ready to go whenever you are, whether you need to get a grocery store in the street or head across the state.

Yamaha X-MAX Price

Yamaha X-MAX 2019 Starting  From £4,549.00

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