Next Gen 2020 Ducati Diavel X Carbon

Next Gen 2020 Ducati Diavel X Carbon

Next Gen 2020 Ducati Diavel X Carbon – The Ducati Diavel was inspired to be launched as part of the 2011 Group of Companies. It opposes the conventional category by combining attractive motorbike, muscle and bicycle elements. The country is lighter, faster and better than its competitors, with the VERTA testast engine from the superbike and sports techniques. Refresher came moderate until 2015, four years after the launch of the diavel, and the moment quickly approached when Ducati would give a much bigger repair bike.

The picture you see here is the first glimpse of the next generation of diavel, although the difficult situation shows that there is still a lot of development work to be done. While the new Diavel in 2019 makes sense, after a schedule for updates for a period of four years from the original, and the first case model makes us believe that it might be 2020 before replacing ready-to-production.

Next Gen 2020 Ducati Diavel X Carbon

Next Gen 2020 Ducati Diavel X Carbon
Next Gen 2020 Ducati Diavel X Carbon

Raw However, there is still much to be seen in this model. And more clearly than all, it involves many components with xdiavel, launched in 2016 as a total of less and longer Ducati God with a more traditional foot cruiser position on horse riding style.

2020 Ducati Diavel Design

Despite the same design, the original Diavel and Xdiavel are almost common components, with different tires, engines and suspensions. But it seems to be set to change with the next generation Diavel adopting the V-Tawam engine and the main frame design for Xdiavel.

Despite rumors that the next generation of Ducatisti Diavel might have a 1299 Panigale Superquadro or even a new V4 Panigale engine, this 1103cc four cylinder, spy image revealed it would actually use 1262cc testast Frita used in the xdiavel and Moltestrada DVT] 1260. This is very clear even in this picture a little clear, far spy distance; The bike uses the XDiavel exhaust at the bottom, including the exhaust stock and catalytic converter, and is recognized as a powerful engine case with XDiavel.

2020 Ducati Diavel Concept

2020 Ducati Diavel Concept
2020 Ducati Diavel Concept

2020 Ducati Diavel Performances

In terms of performance on paper, and 1198cc old Diavel and 1262cc the same xdiavel makes 152hp identical, with the latest, the largest engine needs 9500rpm to reach this maximum compared to 9000 rolls just for older minutes, smaller machines. The peak torque is also almost identical – the old diavel runs 91lbft, the latest is xdiavel 93lbft. But there is a big difference in the way it is delivered; old engine, with less and lack of variable valve timing, it takes 8000rpm to reach peak torque, and the latest design hits at 5000rpm maximum only.

Use the xdiavel exhaust system on this first model to reveal that the frame – mostly hidden camouflage pads carved in the picture – is also the same for xdiavel. Original Diavel Mountain rear shock horizontally under the swingarm arm, but the Xdiavel design is forbidden exhaust, which means repositioning the shock to a more traditional and high position.

Ducati Diavel Model

However, while the main motor structure is divided by xdiavel, there are many diavel bits on the model as well. The most prominent is the position of horseback riding, with the relatively back peg attached when compared to the situation and placing a background that forces you xdiavel, along with a higher seat and xdiavel tail. Wheels are also directly from the Diavel menu.

Thistle – from ohlins, of course – seems new, and behind there is a new swingarm also sharing with the list not Diavel or xdiavel. Like Diavel, this model uses the last series, which is suitable for sports sites compared to xdiavel, which encourages the use of low-maintenance belts that are likely to attract buyers from traditional cruiser machines.

The question now is how much time we have to wait before we see the next generation diavel in its final form. We know Ducati plans to give a personal preview of at least 1 2019 models in just one week on the Ducati world weekend at Misano. The room will be sealed without a camera that is permitted to prevent images from leaking. However, this diavel seems not ready to be highlighted. As soon as we expected to see bikes in the show later this year, but it could be more than 12 months before the final production bike was ready.

Ducati is working on a highly updated model for its sportiness, Diavel. This new model is expected to receive many cosmetic and mechanical changes. Spy photos reveal to bicycles that they are now using a different garage but continue to use chain machines that appear outside Diavel.

2020 Ducati Diavel Features

Motorcycle looks very disguised, but we can expect a redesigned chassis that repeats the theme seen in the XDiavel today. This can be seen in LED lights and double pipe exhaust systems on test mules – both look similar to those in XDiavel. This motor also appears on Ohlins gold front forks, but with a sharper angle that is sharper than XDiavel, which makes it logical that Diavel’s standards are more athletic than siblings. Another change, interestingly, is that the swingarm on this diavel – looks similar to the one in the 1299 Panigale.

2020 Ducati Diavel Engine

Ducati is expected to be powered by the 1.262cc L-Twin engine, which first appeared on XDiavel and then made its way to Multistrada 1260. It was reported that this engine would be tuned to make around 160 horsepower in this car. Bike. For comparison, this engine makes 152hp of torque and 126Nm for XDiavel, 158hp and 129.5Nm of torque from the new 1260 Multistrada torque.

Like Diavel at this time, the footprints on this motor are placed in tuck mode and are not directed like XDiavel. This, along with a stronger engine, and what seems to be a stronger thorn can form with the best cars again. We believe that this motorbike will be sold with XDiavel as a sporty alternative.


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