2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Price

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Price

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Price – The 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700 features fuel injection, 689cc liquid cooling, an embedded engine twinning drum derived from the award-winning Yamaha MT-07. This small station delivers the perfect energy for adventure riding, for easy access and the ability to control every ride.

The Yamaha line extends to the mid-range with the all-new 700 (XTZ700). The “700” brings the ability of a dual sport solid to a total adventure-tour with a determined off-road that definitely favors soft terrain. The yammy CP2 engine provides cargo with a gearbox and chassis that are specially tuned for off-track trips, and much more than its older brethren in the Super Ténéré family. After a race to the top, this model represents a new front in the battle for market superiority as the factory seeks to fill under 1,200 cc units, so let us see where the balance between price and value lies on this newest and smaller ténéré.

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Price

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Price
2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Price

In the world of adventure tourism bikes, the trend is to go towards the mid-range. This notes the concentration of mid-weight from many oem companies, including the victory with its 800s; Ducati with its 950s; and BMW with its 850s. Yamaha (do not want to leave) speculation was built around the release of the average weight ténéré based on the prototype 700 global raid Ténéré which appeared in 2017. It can now stop speculation; during the eicma Milan Motorcycle Show 2018, the Yamaha 700 ténéré was unveiled that was set for production. But will not be available until mid-2020.

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Features

The ténéré 700 features a narrow body, a thin fuel tank, and a flat seat that allows maximum maneuverability, allowing the occupant to hold the tank, whether seated or standing, giving more confidence in dirt or asphalt. Protections and protective positions work with the steering wheel to ensure comfort on the longest track.

The name ténéré refers to the images of hostile riding environments such as the Dakar Rally and other remote endurance races. It starts with the wheels with the beat and the street-knobbs that make it handle the trust and traction. The front bumper comes with rolls that are similar to the Splash Guard which are necessarily very long in order to accommodate the large suspension stroke of the front fork. This alone speaks volumes for the way the plant intends the 700 to be used.

Since the fender is mounted down the fork-ends, it leaves the face with the nose disdain not quite unlike the Honda Africa Tawam. The panel covers a clear four-wheeled LED-style LED headlights that are more resistant to damage from vibration and shock than their counterparts on threading; The only thing in the desert is across half an acre in some deserts abandoned by God or another

The top, vent, and screen-like pool punches dig into the wind to protect the little trunk from the top of the racer, and the cheek fairings are suddenly lit instead of creating leg pockets to your stems. This attention to detail related to convenience extends to the steering wheel in the form of stock guards that will protect your books from weather and terrain / foliage strikes.

Highly adjustable, long suspension travel for the wheels is fitted with a ready-made dirt wire mounting 21-inch front and 18-inch rear tires, ensuring that the Ténéré 700 is not shy away from the aggressive ride when the platform ends. The three-disc brakes also feature ABS brakes that can be disabled when you want to ride off-road.

Each aspect of the Ténéré 700 was built to combine the legendary Yamaha reliability with impressive performance, from compact LED front lights, to the strong and narrow steel frame, to the anti-smooth balance engine, and crystal clear LCD scales.

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Review

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Review
2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Review


2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Specs

In the profile, it offers 700 silhouettes somewhat typical, allowing this frontal nose tip, of course. The rear line of the fuel tank collapses 4.2 gallons to the narrow waist where the tank meets the saddle. The sleek bench seat has been built to allow you to shift your position from front to back as you negotiate rough terrain and create a long and gentle arm to help you scam the front end.

The compact rear lights ride away at the corner of the subframe and the mudguard – well off the damage – were pointed out as the flashing light and the crown holder withdrew onto the same condom. I’m a little surprised by the lack of hugging those rear wheels, but if you look closely, the underside of the sub frame is all sealed to resist and repel the rear wheel extrusion.

The factory designed a brand new, purpose-built set of ‘O’ bones for which the 700 claims factory is light in weight, yet continued to keep this scale on close to the curtain. No big surprise there since our discussion topic today is actually scheduled to be released sometime in the second half of 2020 as model 2021, and since it is not quite ready production, many specs are still in the air.

The Ténéré 700 is developed from the premium Hyper Sport bike, combining exceptional reliability and exciting power delivery in a compact and efficient package of fuel. With a total volume similar to some single cylinder engines, 689cc fuel injection, liquid cooling, dohc built-in durability gives 700 ténéré exceptional delivery, while a balanced dual-cylinder design provides smooth, long-legged power ideal for long days in the saddle.

The 2-cylinder engine features Yamaha’s “crossplane crankshaft concept” 270-degree crank-which tracks its direct ratio to the Dakar-dominant XTZ750-racing bike to provide linear torque development to respond to the throttle’s throttle entrance. The CP2 engine is also light, compact and compact, and offers an excellent level of communication Rider / A.

Whether the factory tries to retain a certain sense of mystery or has not reached the final details yet is an issue to speculate on, but here’s what we know; riding a saddle at a 34.6-inch deck deck that is suitable for this type, layout bars and foot controls is just right to relax , Upright riding position when sitting or standing. The wheelbase measures out at 62.6 inches long, clearing generous ground at 9.5 inches high. If you still manage to get hit by the terrain on the engine section, there is a bash pad that covers the bottom of the double pipe and most of the cot, so you’ve got good protection for your plant.

Inverted, 43 mm thorns support the front end to 8.3 inches of travel, and it comes with a full trio of adjustments while backwards, and the mono shock delivers 7.9 inches of travel with preload adjustable and only damping recovery. Double, double piston Brembo calipers grab 282 mm, prompt cutting the front discs for most power stopping with a single gearbox and piston and a 245 mm disc from the back and protection ABS convertible everywhere.

Serious off-road passengers still prefer interlocking / spoked wheels, handing over 700 with a 90 / 90-21 Brillly Scorpio Street Rally flew up front followed by 150 / 70-18. Those tires come with generous street apartments separated by deep grooves to drag on both black and brown, and while the factory does not explicitly say, I expect these tires to have decent water evacuation characteristics as well.

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Engine

The CP2 engine turns the boring cylinders slightly forward, towards the exhaust side. This compensation reduces the piston to the friction wall cylinder, to enhance reliability, more energy and improve fuel economy.

The six-speed “stacks” gearbox and crankshaft are deployed in a triangular layout to maintain the overall engine size shorter than front to rear, which improves the position of the engine in the frame to the outstanding weight balance. Transmission ratios are designed for better output from low to medium torque and excellent response characteristics, allowing the rider to focus on the road or forward trail.

The electronic fuel injection settings have been calibrated to balance the quick response – ideal for off-road technical riding – and smooth, linear delivery matching the perfect flow of progress when returning on the pavement. It has excellent fuel economy, strong acceleration and precise off-road control, and the result is a highly versatile power plant.

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Top Speed

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Top Speed
2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Top Speed

Yamaha pulls out of its MT-07 and 700-strong program with the CP2 Ha “crankshaft concept” engine which features a 80 mm boring twin with a 68.6 mm stroke for total displacement of 689 cc. The compression ratio of 11.5 to 1 is the evil necessary to develop a full 72-horsepower and 50 pounds o ‘necrosis, and it’ll have you in a premium fuel hook, but that’s what people are.

The double over-head cams of the 8-valve head valve, the water cooler and the coolant carry the heat of the trash and go a long way toward relieving the heat wash when you come to a stop or slow dead traffic. Guo’s clutch engine is a standard six-speed transmission, and sends power to the rear wheels via a hard-drive chain.

It’s not necessarily a technological marvel as far as electronics is concerned; There is no traction control or power modes with this trip, only rough control and honest reactions, the next extrusion is practically everything as the rest of the machine. The overall range is kept fairly short in general by the “stack” transmission that holds its shafts in more than one order rather than a tandem, which helps balance the load between the axes.

The lightweight, high-strength tubular steel frame provides a solid balance for quick and responsive handling with the strength and durability required to handle the terrain with confidence. The chassis uses a 62.6-inch short wheelbase for its lightweight movement and boasts 9.5 inches of ground clearance to handle whatever trail it casts on you.

The ability to turn the body weight forward and rear to fit the terrain is critical in off-road situations, the next 700 Ténéré features a flat seat and slim body that allows maximum mobility for the rider. The narrow body and fuel tank allow the occupant to hold the tank, whether sitting or standing, giving extra confidence whether you are installing dirt or asphalt.

Requires an aggressive dirt ride suspension capable, the next Ténéré 700 uses fork travel for a long 43mm torque ride with 8.3 inches of travel. Inverted inline design is highly resistant to bending to maintain precise steering and suspension work, and the bush is fully adjustable to suit changing routes and trail conditions. Equivalents are equipped with a rear shock-type linkage for adventure, with 7.9 inches of travel, and a remote control control pre-loaded to easily refine loads to change or ride conditions.

The ténéré 700 features a pair of 282mm front-wheel drive discs, with rear brakes rotor-shaped like a 245-millimeter steering, for a strong slowdown that is not afraid of dirt and dust. ABS comes standard to enhance the confidence of the rider and prevent wheel lock in low traction conditions, but the 700 ténéré gives riders the option of temporarily disabling the system for complete manual control – ideal for unique demands of challenging off-road conditions.

Powerful and light weight, these wheels give riders a range of tire options, from pure Indo tires to aggressive dual sport options.

Echoing the center-stage design and purpose of the racing race “business” built on the rally, the 700 ténéré uses a clear front lamp but with four-way LED headlights. This top stack design provides two vertically plus two aggressive look and excellent visibility, while the bulbs themselves are bright and long lasting and resistant to shock and vibration.

The ultimate gift from the rally and standard settings ensures wind and weather protection is ideal for long ride days. The aluminum taper steering wheel is placed for a convenient ride position when sitting or standing on pegs. It has also designed its own cockpit to accommodate additional navigation devices, such as the Global Positioning System or Rally Road Book.

The light counters display a wide range of information that can be absorbed without having to take your eyes away from the road or path. The multi-function LCD screen features gear, fuel level, flight bends, estimated fuel range, plus moderate and immediate fuel consumption and more.

With a fuel-efficient engine and a 4.2-gallon built-in fuel tank, the ténéré 700 is ready for the next horizon, with a range of 215 miles per filling.


2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Cost

The price is still pronounced as of this writing, but I’m going to take a swag at it, say since the super ténéré ES rolls at the top of the line for $ 16,199, and the smaller displacement ténéré 700 may have somewhere in the pitch of about $ 12K. Soon enough.

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