2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side – The Yamaha features in its industry side by side are easily seen in the technology that comes standard with all the Wolverine X2: the plush adjustable suspension, the driver based on the 4WD drive, the ultra – reliable CVT Ultramatic and the industry – leading speed sensitive power steering.

Featuring a throttle drive, a 270-degree crankshaft and lightweight interior, the technology shares the Wolverine X2 with the leading sports bikes Yamaha class, to perform an exciting journey with every smoothness and incomparable refinement.

The Verin X2 comes pre-wired to the exclusive Yamaha Adventure Pro¬† GPS, opening the next level of ready-made trail navigation. Combining high-resolution GPS with social integration and vehicle information, Adventure System Pro redefines ‘state of the art’. ‘ With high back seats, enhanced shoulder and lots of legs, the Wolverine X2 offers comfortable and secure seating wherever and wherever your next adventure takes you. The Verin X2 offers a balance between ready-to-operate functions, refined comfort and a proven trail capability that makes Yamaha the ultimate outdoor adventure partner.

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side
2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Specs

It is powered by the Wolverine X2 847cc DOHC, eight valve, parallel twin cylinder engine which features a full range of advanced Yamaha performance technologies. The forged pistons and connecting rods ensure a durable performance in high-precision, with the Yamaha 270-degree crankshaft crank concept to develop linear torque and excellent power throughout the total RPM. For improved efficiency, the engine features a dry swamp design for a more compact layout and is removed by a roller block to reduce friction loss, while the rubberized mounts and thrust stabilizer ensure smooth running from idle to the red line.

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Side by Side

Yamaha ultraramatic transmission is the most advanced – and durable – CVT drive system available. The automatic centrifugal clutch maintains continuous tension belt to reduce belt wear and the clutch position may deliver natural brake pads to each wheel. In the Wolverine X2, a powerful grip system features an oversized belt for durability under aggressive riding, while still maintaining a low turn in the cruising minute for smooth, quiet running.

The famous Yamaha 4WD driving system allows you to switch between 2WD, limited slide 4WD and differential lock completely 4WD. Unlike competitors’ automatic 4WD systems, the driver puts the driver in full control to maximize the traction available in any type of terrain.

Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Chassis

Designed for maneuverability, the Wolverine X2 chassis is super graceful, making the tracks a narrow breeze, with a light weight steering to determine the perfect line when handling obstacles. With its inverted panescape design and wide arc-a-weapon, the Xperin X2 boasts a large approach and departure angles to clear challenging terrain, with plenty of clearance to get in and out of remote areas.

The Wolverine X2 ycc-T, a driving system by means of wires that shift driver commands to control the throttle-accurate real-world technology, is used to respond to the unobstructed engine. The throttle response was also improved thanks to the “high response” of the automotive devices to apply super throttle, 12-hole fuel injectors and a high-volume airbox box with two-stage air filtration. The Yamaha Power Steering System (EPS) provides the best balance in the industry to help it direct and react positively from the track, with light steering, responsive steering, speed sensitivity and minimal fatigue.

The X2 Verin features a well-damped suspension at all four corners, to better control the chassis and handle the feel. Built for Yamaha by KYB, these shocks give the X2 a flexible, balanced ride character, both in day-to-day calls for cargo transport or trail blasting. The large 207 mm ventilated disc brakes with two calipers provide exceptional stopping power on all four wheels, with excellent feel and minimal noise.

The Wolverine X2 cargo bed features its all-new quest for streamlined assignments. Built with hydraulic assist and strong latch system, the bed transmits up to 600 pounds, with multiple down points to secure cargo or attach attachments. Added at 2,000 pounds full of towing capacity thanks to the standard 2 receiver, Wolverine is ready to get to work when you are.

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Review

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Review
2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Review

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Performances

The Wolverine X2 comes pre-wired to the exclusive Yamaha GPS Adventure Pro, opening the next level of ready-made trail navigation. This state-of-the-art GPS unit combines a range of functions in one rugged 7-in-full color display. Search, download, record and share trail paths. Challenge your friends to time trials on saved courses. With uniquely integrated software Yamaha, the Proactive System Pro also communicates with the ECU for Wolverine to display data and car warnings with exceptional clarity.

Thanks to helical cutting of the mounting disk drive, the rubber mounted and balancing actuator, and a variety of noise and vibration limiting inclusion around the cabin, the Verin X2 is one of the smoothest and most entertaining side-by-side built ever. Sneak through the tracks without disturbing nearby objects, or simply enjoy the refinement of refinement after a long day riding on the trail.

With high-backed seats, each with enhanced shoulder and auto-style seat belts three-point, the Wolverine X2 provides a comfortable perch for the driver and passenger. Multi-cup holders, high-floor traction plates, adjustable driver’s seat and steering column round out amenities.

The Verin X2 is one of the smoothest and smoother side-by-side of the time. Noise, vibration and hardness-nvh in engineering terms-is minimized thanks to the refinement of the twin-cylinder engine, as well as a set of bodies that have specially formed plates and buffer dampers throughout the chassis. Thanks to the well-developed suspension settings, the X2 Verin offers a plush, well-damped ride that feels more cabin comfort.

Fully enclosed doors and high and wide bumpers ensure the survival of mud, rocks and sticks outside the cabin, the next you and your ride can enjoy more. Verin X2 features LED headlights and rear lights, to see the gorgeous, long life and minimal power tie. With nearly 600 watts of electrical output from the engine, a standard 12v DC port and multiple pre-wired accessory keys, the Wolverine X2 is ready for a wide range of accessories and additives.

2020 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Engine

The Wolverine X2 uses its own cooling to maintain proper temperatures, an oversized belt to handle torque from large motors, and a unique clutch clutch to maintain constant belt tension – the end result is a built-in drive for years of trouble-free service that leaves competition in. the dust.

With the capacity of large oil circulating in the dry marsh system, cooled liquid oil coolant, large chiller with integrated blower, the powerful Wolverine X2 is capable of handling the most difficult functions without complaint. Skateboards protect the entire underside of the Wolverine X2, from front to rear gear, to ensure the terrain gnarly does not stop you. As with other Yamaha machines, slippery plates include convenient service points to access the fluid drain locations without removing the guards.

The digital scale in full gives the driver a complete picture in the foreground, with great light readings. Vehicle condition and warnings are displayed clearly, along with easily accessible metrics, flights and meters per hour. With the proven professional adventure system, the extra vehicle data is displayed clearly on a color screen and full of 7-inch color.

The Wolverine X2 also comes standard with a speed-managed system that allows the owner to limit the car to a top speed of 25 mph, ideal for work sites or other special operating conditions. Built real world hard-to-assemble in the US . As is Shan with other Yamaha ATVs and besides, the Wolverine X2 is assembled in the United States to meet the stringent standards of Yamaha for its durability and reliability.

2019 Yamaha WOLVERINE X2 Release Date

Price ; $12,699

Colors: Graphite Available from June 2018

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