2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Cruiser

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Cruiser

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Cruiser – The R-bolt spec is stripped down with minimal chromium, embodying the “urban performance bobber” look. The compact chassis proudly displays 58 cubic inches (942cc), air-cooled, 60 ° V-twints sitting in the heart of the bike. Bolt R-Specification uses modern technology to create a superior ride experience on other similar sized machines. The fuel injection and timing timing of the ignition has been specifically chosen for this bike to deliver the performance of the leading class with strong torque and low medium range to achieve a smile on the face of each rider.

The body is slim and the seat design is low combined to give light maneuverability and a stable motorcycle handling feeling. The upright riding position helps the rider feel the wind, hear sounds and experience the pulse of the device. For cyclists who value customization, options for the Bolt R-Spec are limited only by the owner’s imagination. As we say with the Star Cruiser line, “We build it on you.” As a perfect tailor-made cloth, Bolt R-Spec is the ultimate example of that philosophy.

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Cruiser

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Cruiser
2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Cruiser

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Specs

Components such as the 3.4 gallon fuel tank, engine belt, front and rear wheels, digital meters and steel bumpers combine to create a distinct look at the Star Cruiser line-up. Traditionally, Bolt was a strong urban aggressor with little stifling response and a stifling band and even strong, and there is no reason to believe that 2019 is any different. Lightweight to the Cruiser, the bolt is graceful and easy to handle even for new people on two wheels.

The Bolt High Seat is low to begin with – just 27.2 inches. He added that the display was small and that it was easy to find the ground and still had a bend in the knee. Chandeliers rejoice! People in Yamaha say, “We build it.” You make it your own, “and it means it. Stripping down the nude with little chrome to no and with real steel fenders, the bolt lends customizable customization.

If there is any difference between the deep blue and the crow’s nails for 2016, the steering wheel will be slightly higher with the crow model. For 2017, the crow’s color came without height and with a slightly different tank drawing to set it off from the previous year. 58 inches cubic (942cc) The engine is air-cooled sohc 60 ° V-twin with four valves per cylinder, combustion chamber in the form of a repressed ceiling and 9.0: 1 compression ratio. The engine is designed to provide excellent guo and superior low-end torque.

2020 Yamaha BOLT R Performances

To keep the friction loss to a minimum, increase durability and assist the engine to achieve optimum performance characteristics, special weapons are used for cylinder-type rockers with stitch bearings. The shape of the combustion chamber has been specifically designed to direct the fuel / air to the center of the piston for more efficient combustion and maximum power. Compact coated ceramic cylinders offer excellent heat dissipation and reduced oil consumption.

High-quality forged aluminum presses feature a compact, lightweight, high-strength design that reduces vibration and increases durability. Advanced fuel injection is used to complement the cavity on the R-R bolt to provide ultimate pleasure in urban riding with strong acceleration. 3D maps have been developed for ignition timing and fuel injection to deliver outstanding acceleration in medium and low-speed ranges.

The stainless steel air cleaner cover provides a “rough metal” look that highlights the Bolt R-Spec design. In addition to this, the air cleaner design provides great efficiency and large quantity enhancement characteristics of torque. A 2-to-1 exhaust pipe layout on the right side of the engine contributes to the live performance and design of the device. The exhaust-style minimalist system delivers a pulsating and satisfying exhaust note.

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Top Speed

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Top Speed
2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Top Speed

2020 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Engine

The Yamaha engine, double cradle frame to keep the bike light and smart, used the characteristic features of the Bolt. The engineering frame helps to adjust the tone with a 29 degree of ignited rake that gives the bike a short, 61.8-inch wheelbase and flexible handling characteristics. Personally, I like the design of the fuel tank. It’s something of a classic peanut tank, but with the coffin tank elements that add to the Yamaha retro taste was going on, and it carries 3.2 gallons of fuel, ample for all over the city.

Suspension components get traditional treatment with 41 mm, right side-up front buds that provide 4.7 inches of acceptable wheel travel. The rear shocks are rather short, and although they do not enjoy gas cylinders on the back like the R-Spec Bolt, they do not provide the same 2.8 inches of travel wheel drive. Wow, I thought the softails were fixed there. The front 19 inches and 16 inches rear Bridgestone tires keep things gentle and low on 12-spoke, aluminum cast rims. Since it is a small bike, it can escape the brakes of one forward, so the 298 mm – one for each front and rear – looks good for the job.

The air-cooled, 60-degree fifth-twin complement the classic American look with a bit of a sure-to-satisfy style from the local crowd. The 58-cubic-inch (942 cc) engine boasts four valve heads, fuel injection and cross ignition. The bear and stroke box are approximately 85 mm and 83 mm, respectively, and its low compression ratio is 9.0 to 1, so at least you know it will not beat the stuffing of the same, yes?

Designed for advanced and light weight, ceramic-composite pistons keep friction low and help to dissipate waste heat efficiently. The compact air cleaner allows you to keep your legs tight for the bike – a feature you would appreciate after riding a bike with Harley’s “pork can” housing.

2019 Yamaha BOLT R-SPEC Release Date

The five-speed transmission and belt make up the ultimate drive, and while you might want to gear sixth, its conclusion is: The bolt makes a great bar or hopper around the city bike, but not much on the highway, so gear is probably not all that important. Bolt 2019 Available from $ 7,999 in Raven. Not much in the way of color selection, but it is affordable cruiser and it is best in basic black of some strange color. Yamaha bike covers with factory limited warranty for one year.

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