2020 Kawasaki Z650 Top Speed

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2020 Kawasaki Z650 Top Speed

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Top Speed – The Z supernova design combines the Sugomi-style elements with a slim and light-looking package, resulting in a responsive design that conveys both excitement and acclaim. From the front hood decorated with the mantle to the small tail cap, the Z650’s head design exudes functional beauty. It is complemented by Sugomi’s design elements (the crouching position, low-head head and tail-swept) that give it a silhouette instantly recognizable, accentuated by its compact appearance, and a close body structure designed to give the bike a light, intelligent image reflecting its athletic performance.

Mechanically, the 2020 Z650 retains the 649cc parallel twin fluid cooling engine which produces from 68ps at 8000rpm. Peak torque of 65.7 nm up to 6500rpm, and the engine is coupled with a 6-speed transmission with claw soles. The 15 liter fuel tank ensures a good round range, and the suspension bits include a telescopic front fork and a single shock-in-depth.

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Top Speed

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Top Speed
2020 Kawasaki Z650 Top Speed


2020 Kawasaki Z650 Specs

Ensure the Z650 is not mistaken for anything other than Kawasaki supernaked when viewed from the back, its sharp back light LED illuminates the “z” style, contributing to the sports image and strong Z identity.
The compact, hood-swept tail contributes to the dynamic Z650’s, sporty image. The Z650’s low weight and low seat height both contribute to maneuverability, whether it is walking by the bike, or selling feet in a parking lot. Its responsive easy-to-manage engine and powerful torque provide low-end quick maneuverability.

Front Fork Telescopic mm handles the duties of suspension in the foreground. The horizontal rear suspension of the back link provides a progressive character. Compared with the suspension of the lower correlation type, it provides a better balance of athletic performance and comfort in driving.

The steering wheel is spacious, spacious and comfortable, and the sporty passenger position allows passengers to take full advantage of the Z650’s sporting street riding potential. Designed for both the important confidence rider as well as putting the rider in perfect position to control, the comfortable and natural position is suitable for a wide range of riders.

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Review

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Review
2020 Kawasaki Z650 Review

The combination of high seat 790 mm low and slim chassis that makes it easy to access the ground enables a wide range of riders to enjoy the Z650 with confidence. Both claw and brake levers are a 5-way adjustable, capable of absorbing a variety of hand sizes to increase comfort.

2020 Kawasaki Z650 Engine

Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve 649 cm 3 Parallel twinning with fuel injection delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in low and medium rpm ranges. The low-end strong focus gives way to a sporty ride, but also translates into power-driven passenger characteristics that facilitate control and important confidence in new riders.

Help and clutch slippers have been developed on the basis of feedback from racing activities. The clutch uses two types of cams (camera helper and camera slipper), and offers two new functions not available on the standard claw. One of the main components of the Z650’s lightweight (noticeable as soon as the bike lifts its frontal position), the allnew frame weighs only 15 kg and significantly contributes to the bike light, handling the smart.

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