2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Rumors

2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Rumors

2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Rumors – Kawasaki introduced the name Jet Ski to the world more than 40 years ago, and now, after decades of technological development, Kawasaki has used both our expertise and know-how to ultimately build high-performance, large-capacity boats: everyone Conquer STX-15f 4-stroke Jet Ski .

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15f is one of the boats that do not damage the performance of the value. With a powerful four-stroke engine, composite sports handling structure and a lot of passenger-friendly features, the STX-15F is a great value for lovers looking for fun on the water.

2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Rumors

2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Rumors
2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Rumors

Cruising the boat with two passengers, pull the water skier across your local dam or yell along the coast on your own, and the STX-15F will blow your expectations at sunset. Jet Ski is perfect for easy to use and pure joy to ride someone who likes water.

The STX-15f features a range of useful features including arch storage compartments, a glove compartment and under the seat to carry a fire extinguisher, tool kit, cooler and more. There are adjustable rearview mirrors, finger throttle control, and magnetic ignition key for extra security, plus an adapter to connect the appropriate fresh water to your garden hose.

2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Engine

The 60mm throttle body fuel injection system uses an individual injector for each cylinder to provide instant start, superb throttle response, fast acceleration, smooth engine performance and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Highly tuned exhaust system The engine is water-encapsulated to help reduce temperatures under the hood and keep the STX-15f running as quietly as possible. It features dual water muffler to maintain very low levels of exhaust noise. The STX-15f’s propulsion system consists of a three-trigeminal cathode injection pump which provides excellent and maximum driving at all operating speeds.

Designed to help inexperienced riders, the Kawasaki Intelligent Steering System is electronically linked to microprocessors on board and automatically adjusts the speed of the engine while steering the turns to ensure smooth, turn-controlled.

2020 Kawasaki JET SKI STX-15F Performances

The STX-15F’s high-performance, 1, 498cc, 4-cylinder, dohc, fuel injection, 4-stroke engine have been adapted from advanced technology through a leading Kawasaki edge range of ninja sports motorcycles. Thanks to its intelligent engine design and precision control, the STX-15f boasts extremely low emission output and meets the most stringent EPA standards that are compatible with future Australian emission regulations.

Helps pretty much low-speed maneuvers is a “bucket” reversing fitted to the steering wheel. On form to provide optimal thrust and directional control when reversing, the bucket is made of molded plastic injection, which virtually eliminates corrosion.

2020 JET SKI STX-15F Features

The STX-15f’s V-Fi deep structure is made of fiberglass and coated gel to finish matte, scratch-resistant and molded-in Kawasaki splash deflector (KSD) to help minimize spray on the operator. The high-performance spunness helps to get the body on the plane and provide a “grip” while the car’s body design makes it easy to bend, increase stability at high speeds and smooth driving in rough terrain.

The open back surface has plenty of space well suited to reach the water skis or to be used as a diving platform, and its relative elevation to the water and automatically retract its ascending step make the climb into deep water a breeze.

The STX-15F features Kawasaki’s intelligent learning processĀ  a new function that allows riders to become familiar with the handling and response of these water jet ski boats at a convenient pace before running the STX-15F in full power. Two separate keys (yellow for slow mode, green for full power operation) Prevent operational errors.


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