2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed

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2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed

2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed – For those who feel life is better with soundtrack music, and do not want to be without music when blasting across the water on a super jet ski, the new audio system has been jetsound for you. The 310Lx Ultra is equipped with Luxurit, a contour seat designed to enhance cruising comfort. Its shape to fit comfortably is good, for the Corsairies provide a very comfortable setting for a three-way.

The electronic brake valves control the efficient production of the engine’s massive energy. It also makes precise engine control possible, allowing easy switching between riding methods.

2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed

2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed
2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed


2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Top Speed

Equipped with supercharger, coolant, and coolant liquid 1,498 cm 3, the 4-cylinder line marine engine that drives the Ultra Series 310 models forward with a rush of exhilarating acceleration produces a much larger output than the normally aspirated engine of the same displacement.

2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Specs

The ULTRA 310 series features a five-way adjustable handle that fits a wide range of passengers and horseback riding styles, allowing either suspension or seating. The kss (kawasaki intelligent) guidance system is designed to help new passengers because they are learning to turn and maneuver their personal boats.

The system is compatible with iPod, iPhone, other smart phones, and other audio players that have a stereo output pin socket. The system can even play music files from a USB memory stick. This mode is useful in “no wake” areas. It regulates the engine speed to maintain a forward speed of 5 mph (8 km / h).

2020 Kawasaki 310 Jet Ski Features

Like that of its predecessor, the Deep-F body design is easy high-angle corner, motorcycle-like turning performance. This system allows convenient angled angle valve pump electrically controlled (step free range adjustment is +/- 8 ° of STD), making it easier for passengers to adjust the hull position to suit water surface conditions and ride pattern. In raw water, the jet pump fishing upwards raises the bow for raw water treatment.

The digital devices make the whole use of a single LCD screen and are very readable. The revised design adds a high quality image and increases the clarity of some features.

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