2020 Honda VFR 1200X Rumors

2020 Honda VFR 1200X Rumors

2020 Honda VFR 1200X Rumors – The Adventure tour segment has come a long way, especially in the global context. No one and everyone are interested in this out and out tourer adventure and that demands the best motorcycle needs that can do the tour and a little off-Road too, the Dual-Sport bike is right. Honda entered this segment almost seven years ago with Crosstourer and we got the opportunity to sample the vehicle during our recent visit to Malaysia. Circulating news, Honda VFR 1200X will be reproduced in 2020 considering the rising market demand continues.

Today the bike continues the adventure theme, but then again it is one that is generally ignored by the majority of public buying — Honda Crosstourer.

2020 Honda VFR 1200X Rumors

2020 Honda VFR 1200X Rumors
2020 Honda VFR 1200X Rumors

In some respects, the clue is in the name as Honda does not call them any adventure style bike that beckons on any off-road abilities like Tenere or Adventure and instead of deciding on a pretty casual branding Crosstourer. Why? Because that’s what this bike is designed to do-tour. Think of Crosstourer as Pan Europe or VFR with longer travel suspension and you won’t be disappointed.

2020 Honda VFR 1200X Release Date

The VFR1200X, launched early in Europe and also known as Crosstourer, is an elegant follow-up adventure VFR1200F Tourer Sports, a bike that has never been quite successful here, falling victim to currency fluctuations, the reason The same why VFR1200X’s North American Debut was postponed for many years.

The instrument console on Honda Crosstourer X is an all-digital unit with the Tachometer above. Below are readings for speedometer, odometer and other information such as a clock, air temperature, engine temperature, twin travel meters, and fuel meter. The tell light stories are positioned on both sides of the digital screen. While the console can be a tad bit larger, the switchgear is of great quality. RHS gets switch engine shutdown, gear switch, and Engine Start button. LHS gets danger light switches, horn buttons, and two switches for shifting gears, one for Downshift and the other for the upshift. Next to the left Switchgear is the handbrake adjustment module.

Honda VFR 1200X Engine

Powered by VFR1200F’s V4 motor (which comes with either DCT or conventional gearbox) there is no denying Crosstourer is a big old beast, but get it moving and this weight translates into stability and to churning miles, which Crosstourer is very good. Hitting the back path and the suspension gently let the bottom side a bit, but take it easy and it’s not a bad bike at all.

TS Motors has been tweaked to more Bottom-end torques, and have added new technicians that include optional dual-clutch Transmission (DCT) ($1,000) with four auto shift modes ( “drive ” and three “Sport ” modes) along with three torque options Honda selectable control System (HSTC).

VFR1200X is the biggest bike in the Honda adventure niche, with a seat height of 850 mm that will have a short inseam crowd stretching their toes to purchase land. It’s not exactly like riding a ladder but a high upright positioning gives a good left view and exaggerates your angle leaning well.

Honda VFR 1200X Specifications

Honda VFR 1200X Specifications
Honda VFR 1200X Specifications

The Power comes from 1,237 CC burly V4, sharpening forward with a beautiful and cleverly designed with two rear cylinders (where your feet) are structured closer together.

2020 Honda VFR 1200X Estimated Price

I started with the model VFR1200X DCT ($19,399). I’ve been up DCTs before but, occasionally, the muscle memory kicks in and the left hand is contested to the clutch lever invisible while your left leg is twitching to shift.

Do you know where the adventure begins? From the right where you stand-or more likely, sit down. Sure, some people jet to Everest or Antarctica for the weekend. But real adventurers know that you can find the excitement right in your own backyard – or the backyard of one or two countries above. Especially if you are on a motorbike. And especially if the bike happens to be the Honda VFR1200X.

VFR1200X is built for people who know the adventure is not a place you go, that’s what you do get there. It is an excellent machine for exploring the world around you and doing it with comfort, confidence, and style. Sporty, athletic, quite nimble to drive around the city or the winding road back strictly, it’s also big enough for Reel on the highway’s Miles, and see the statues of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and Alamo all in the same journey.

And VFR1200X is loaded with features too — the most important is the V4 1237cc engine and the six-speed transmission option. Best of all, we offer a ton of accessories, so you can Fine-Tune to how you want to ride.


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