2020 Ducati Monster 821 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Top Speed – With its superior athletic performance and subtle movement, the new 821 monster is designed for maximum ride enjoyment. The performance of the 109 HP Vasta Testast 11 is improved by its Ducati Safety Pack and horseback riding modes, which ensure maximum safety always and everywhere.

The Monster 821 pays homage to the 900-beast legacy, which by more than 25 years revolutionized the world of motorcycles, embodying the essence of real nude sport. Simple and sporty, agile and powerful, the 821 Monster combines ideal performance and easy ride. The folders, silhouette, tank, and lamp feature the Monster Design 821 and keep true to the original lines of the bike born in 1993 while rethinking them with modern taste. The iconic tank comes with a fastening buckle, just like the first beast. The new Ghost version features new graphics and front glass: the elements that give the new Monster 821 a unique and unambiguous character.

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Top Speed
2020 Ducati Monster 821 Top Speed

Monster 821 pays allegiance to the Monster 900 Heritage, which has over 25 years revolutionized the world of motorcycles. Graceful and sporting performance, designed to enjoy maximum riding, at all times and in all circumstances. The Monster 821 Range has been rejuvenated with a new Ghost Edition: the black matte blackness, updated graphics and front endings give a unique character to the uneven Ducati. The standard equipment, which includes adjustable choke and quick Ducati switch up / down, makes it more effective on the road.

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Engine

The new monster design 821 is 100% monster. Storage units, silhouette, tank and lamp are true to the original lines of the bike was born in 1993 but re-examined with modern taste. The iconic and unambiguous tank also comes with a fastening buckle, just like the first beast. Thanks to the maximum power and torque values, fluid delivery and torque bending at full speeds, the new 821 Testast VERTA 11-degree engine can ensure the performance and subtle movement of the rider. Monster 821 is also available to those who have a restricted license, as a copy with 35 kW of regulated power.

Back in 1992 Ducati presented that first, creator of the Monster at the Cologne Motor Show. Now, 25 years on, the 821 monster has received an impressive upgrade. 821 inherits all the merits of this first 900 beast, combining the perfect performance with the magnificent Rider friendliness. The standard equipment is brilliant, the low cost of the property and the extensive accessory package make the 821 monster a perfect everyday bike, but give it a unique Ducati sport that feels naked that is shared by every monster.

Now, the Monster 821 has been upgraded to include the aesthetic and functional features introduced for the first time on the Beast 1200: a more sleek, graceful look with a tank and tail completely redesigned, a new muffler and a lamp that is both classic and contemporary. Also made for the first time on the monster mid-size is the color TFT display with gear and specific fuel indicators, while the accessories available include Ducati’s fast-switch top / bottom system.

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Specs

The Euro 4 is compatible with the cooled testat VERTA 11-degree liquid engine delivers maximum power of 109 hp (80 kW) at 9,250 rpm. Thanks to 8.8 kg (86 Nm) of torque at 7750 rpm, the 821 offers dramatic performance, easy ride and unmatched pleasure. In perfect harmony with the road, the new 821 monster is able to convey pleasant ride sensations, supported by advanced technology and a specially designed usage environment for this model. The advanced materials and technologies of the Ducati Vistra 11 ° testast allow for particularly long maintenance periods and reduced operating costs, calling for oil changes every 15,000 km (or 12 months) and the removal of the desmo valve every 30,000 km.

The New 821 monster was designed to create a small, simple and sporty motorcycle to highlight the original concept of “bare bike sport”. Front front of the monster Novo 821, contemporary and technological, reminiscent of the ring shape that always distinguished the design of each monster.

The new 821 monster shines a bright yellow again, a color that has fallen many of the monsteristas who are in love with the past. The bike is also available in the classic Ducati Red and Matt Black. The 821 Dashboard Monster features a TFT color screen with a pointer to current equipment and fuel level. The front front of the 821 monster is modern and contemporary, while referring to the circular shapes that always marked the front-end of the beast of each generation.

One of the accessories available for the 821 Monster is the Ducati Shift Fast Up / Down, an electronic system derived from racing that makes it possible to change the gears without using the clutch and without closing the throttle when turning up, and turning down without using a clutch, but only with a closed throttle.

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Review

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Review
2020 Ducati Monster 821 Review

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Features

The Monster 821 also features a Ducati Safety Pack, which features an ABS Bosch and Ducati Traction Control, both of which are adjustable intervention levels. Proverbs, the maximum energy and throttle response can be adjusted across power positions. Ride modes allow easy adjustment of ABS, DTC and power modes, leaving riders turning 821 into three different motorcycles, all with distinct personality.

The complete range of superb equipment on the 821 Monster is the Brembo brakes, with dual discs 320 mm and M4-32 caliper radial mass in the front. The refined suspension system includes a 43 mm fork in front and an adjustable shock absorber in the rear. The Monster 821 comes in three different colors: Ducati Red, Black and Yellow Ducati Classic which many monster fans have fallen in love with over the past two years.

And “Monster 821 Stealth”, instead, exclusive sports black color system with custom drawing, adjustable 43 mm kayaba fork, nose gift and dqs up / down. The new 821 monster is driven by a double drum demodroric testast Frita 11 ° with a displacement of 821 cm,, designed to be a structural element of the structure. With specially designed and improved exhaust and intake systems, the 11 ° V testast engine provides a high power output of 109 hp (80 kW) without sacrificing the two most suitable torque torque.

2020 Ducati Monster 821 Exhaust

The wet claw anti-jump on the 821 monster is cable-driven and requires little effort on the arm. The engine is coupled with the FERTA testast 11 ° 821 with the Type 2-1 exhaust system leaving no room for doubt as to the performance it can offer. The new 821 monster has a chassis with a load motor and a main frame frame attached to the double cylinder heads. The new Monster 821 Braking System ensures high performance and maximum safety in all conditions.

The new 821 beast is equipped with a 43 mm front fork and a rear monoshock with adjustable spring prepping and hydraulic brake extension that are used for progressive fastening by connecting directly to the vertical cylinder on one side and an aluminum die-cast double-sided arm rests. The 821 monster is equipped with 10-spoke alloy light rims measuring 3.5 “x 17” in the front and 5.5 “x 17” “in the rear, and the pirisotim diablo III tire mounting 120/70 images on the front and 180/55 in depth .

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