2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Top Speed – With the HyperMotard 939 there is no need for a pristine road, a prestigious racetrack or a strange remote face. Thanks to the lightness of the movement and the combination of the 110 horsepower of the Testa Vistra 11-degree technology and the horseback riding, the HyperMotard 939 is ideal for any pattern riding condition.
Thanks to its sophisticated design, the 939 hypermotard range is characterized by its range of performance and performance. The original look inspired by the dirt bikes, made the boldest way to tail high and sleek and narrow sides.

Ducati is about to release HyperMotard 950 and a new HyperMotard 950 Syrian pounds to replace existing models of HyperMotard 939. In a huge renovation, the next year’s bike is getting more power by, along with changes in design, weight and emissions. However, the main engine and chassis sections are migrated from the current model.

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Top Speed
2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Top Speed

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Specs

While the test bike has been spied already, we are the first to have concrete information about the technical changes. As such, we can confirm that the Ducati bike will keep the existing 937cc engine capacity and added a small guo thanks to minor revisions including the exhaust system under the new seat.

HyperMotard 939 combines the latest generation Testast VERTA 11-degree engine with riding mode, power mode and Ducati technology safety package. Do not hold up: face all roads with excessive durability. The peak peak is expected to rise from the current 81kw (110ps, 108.6 hp) to 84kw (114ps, 112.6 hp). It will still peak at 9000 rpm, as in the current bike, and Ducati is unlikely to be added by any complications such as the valve timing system variable for the DVT engine.

Instead it is likely to adopt specifications close to that of the Multistrada 950, making it nearly as power-efficient (83kw / 113ps). Although essentially the same engine as the old HyperMotard 939, the 950 multistrada version of the “Testast Frita 11 °” V-engine Tawam actually has a lower compression ratio-12.6: 1 instead of 13.1: 1 – and features Bush fuel injection instead of Magenti Marley Ada.

In addition to helping to save more energy, the BOSCH injection is seamlessly integrated with high end electronics made from bosch and used in the latest Ducati models. So we can make sure that the 2019 HyperMotard 950 will earn the full Ducati ‘DSP’ (Ducati Safety Pack) including the 9.1 Bosch ABS and traction control. It is also sure to feature a range of options and ride modes, since Ducati has a track record of maintaining a range in the forefront of electronics technology.

The compact and durable steel frame tubular grille makes it possible to contain the weight of the bike and allows for a comfortable ride position thanks to the raised steering wheel. Thanks to Ducati ‘s constant attention to quality and reliability, the 937 cc testast VERTA 11 – degree engine allows for optimal home maintenance: a valve adjustment is planned every 30,000 km.

Engine Set aside, the 2019 HyperMotard 950 looks a complete range for bike frame, frame tubular grille and a single swingarm. The leaked information to the bikesocial reveals that the wheelbase bike will be between 1455mm and 1555mm, depending on the string adjustment and suspension setups. The existing bike range is pretty much identical, with Ducati citing 1493mm numbers for the 939m hypermotard and 1498mm for the 939sp hypermotard – both roughly around the midpoint of the 2019 bike adjustment range.

The Hypermord 950 other dimensions similarly culled to the existing bike, with width, length and height all within a few millimeters of the current Hypermotard 939. The biggest change is the exhaust. Where model 939 uses the current one tube on the right side, 2019 hypermotard 950 has a pair of end cans under the seat. As well as better research – it makes more than one side of the swingarm, exposing the open side of the rear wheels – the exhaust under the seat to the original, and the air cooler in the hypermotard 1100 method.

Evidence suggests that while these pipes are longer than one exit from the current bike, they are more free flowing. The technical information we have seen shows that as well as an additional 4hp on the existing HyperMotard, the model gains a 2019 couple of decibels in noise output. This is a surprise, since most bikes are getting quieter as new versions are introduced, but since the current model is already well under legal noise reduction, there is some space to make it slightly higher.

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Review

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Review
2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Review

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Concept

The 939 series hypermotard includes power modes and full ride by wire. Available in two colors Ducati Red with red frame and black rims and silk Star White with red rims and black frame. The standard hypermotard range comes with a Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), which demonstrates Ducati’s focus on the road safety issue. The new seat exhaust also requires the subframe to be redesigned, and Ducati from the 939 hypermotard cast iron unit is converted into a more traditional steel arched design for 950 hypermotard.

As in the current bike, there will be a higher spec ‘SP’ model as well as the basic version. The SP 950 hypermotard is no more powerful than the normal 950, so it will be distinguished by improved suspension and equipment. Chances are that the bike base will stick with the suspension provided by the SAX, while the SP uses the OHLINS kit, simulating the difference between the existing HyperMotard 939 and 939 SP.

2020 Ducati Hypermotard Models

All models of the HyperMotard 939 also come standard with multi-level Bosch 9mp ABS, making braking safe and efficient no matter what level of grip it is. These components ensure braking performance which sets the industry standard, which is a common feature of all Ducati bikes. The system is fully integrated with horseback riding modes of the SP version, providing specific numbers for sporting use.

An integral part of Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), the Ducati Traction Control has 8 different settings (3 of which are integrated into riding mode), analyzes the data sent by the speed sensors on the wheels and works to adjust the slide of the rear wheels, significantly increasing performance And the active safety of the bicycle. The 939 hypermotard can rely on a 937 cc test performance of VERTA 11 degrees, and the fluid is always ready to respond thanks to a large amount of torque at low and medium speeds.

2020 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Engine

The Testa Frita 11 ° mounted on the HyperMotard 939 is equipped with a wet clutch with an anti-jump function, which can be operated with a lighter touch on the lever. The exhaust system type 2-1 is equipped with 50 mm cannons and an exhaust valve, and comes together in one silencer made of absorbing technology, finished in black and with a stainless steel endcap. The system is finished by a catalytic converter and two sensors for AMDA to ensure full compliance with European standards 4.

The Ducati ride modes put an outstanding mark in motorcycle engineering, making it possible to select pre-set modes – depending on the model – to improve the vehicle’s behavior according to the rider’s riding style and environmental conditions. All models of the HyperMotard 939 family offer 3 ride modes that can instantly change the output power of the engine and ABS levels and control Ducati Traction, even while riding.

The family is equipped with a hypermotard 939 steel with a new tubular tubular frame with an initial pipe measuring 34 mm, a 25.5 degree steering angle head, a trapezoid and a straight offset measuring 104 mm and 30 mm, allowing stable and secure control. The front braking system includes a pair of M-4.32 Brembo mono-block four-stroke piston radial calligraphers, driven by a master brake cylinder with a 4-position adjustable arm on the 939 hypermotard and a main brake radial arm with an adjustable 5-position arm on the SP model.

It’s rear suspension of the new HyperMotard 939 family adopts an exclusive die-cast aluminum arm unrolled by one, designed specifically to provide durability and ensure superior control of the rear end. Rear suspension features adjustable suction for the Socks monoshock and spring preload, allowing for rear wheel travel of 150 mm.

2019 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Release Date

We expect Ducati to detect the vast majority of the 2019 series at the Eisher show in early November, where the 950 hypermotard will be introduced along with other new Ducatis including refurbished, DVT equipped with Diavel and much anticipated, homologation – a special Panigale V4R.

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