2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Change, New Models

2019 yamaha NVX 155 Change, New Models

2019 yamaha nvx 155 Change, New Models – Another motor matic ready was released in 2019, namely motor named “Yamaha NVX”. The Word may be taken from the name NVX Nouvo-X that Viet Nam market still exist to this day. A wide array of advanced features are already embedded in it, because this motor is prepared for defeat motor matic 150cc motorbike motorcycle manufacturer Honda-made or otherwise. On the other hand, Yamaha also proposes a futuristic body design with a side that looked interesting when seen from different sides.

Yamaha NVX or can be said to be surrounded by X is the new generation motor matic offers sporty designs. There is not only a matter of design, Yamaha also equip it with a myriad of advanced features that make it ready to compete with the Honda Vario 150. The design will look different with the Yamaha N-Max, because every corner of Yamaha NVX design tapered and appear more dashing than Honda Vario 150 eSP. Although unknown dimensions and size does it weigh, but motor matic is claimed to have baggage storage space reaches 25 liters.

2019 Yamaha NVX 155

2019 Yamaha NVX 155
2019 Yamaha NVX 155

Not only have you dashing NVX, Yamaha also has a ban looks wide sump size 140 mm front and rear 110 mm. As a comparison, the Yamaha has a rear tire size Nmax 130 mm and the front tires are equally 110 mm. Additionally, motor matic also wear order underbone makes it has uneven deck. However, this makes the look out Yamaha NVX looks the more futuristic and reflect modern design motor with better aerodynamics and level.

14-inch diameter tires with a size of 140 mm rear tire and tires front 110 mm is one of the advantages of Yamaha motor owned invisible NVX matic in his class. Front suspension motor will not vary much with Yamaha Nmax, so potential will adopt telescopic front suspension and rear suspension Swing Unit. Hopefully Yamaha released a variant of the ABS braking system combined with discs on the front wheel. As for the back, possibly still wearing brakes tromol.

2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Specifications

2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Specifications
2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Specifications

2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Concept

Do not be surprised if the price of Yamaha NVX sold exceeds 20 Million Rupiah. Because motor matic offers an engine capacity 155cc combined with the technology of Variable Valve System and Blue Core. The use of these machines make performance Yamaha NVX increasingly powerful and could be able to accelerate very quickly. The system burning Fuel Injection also, so that the use of increasingly efficient fuel materials and machinery are increasingly responsive when invited accelerates.

The energy expended Yamaha NVX likely did not vary much with Yamaha NMAX. Because the second motor adopted the same individual machines. As a comparison, Yamaha Nmax is capable of removing the power reached 11.1 KW at 8,000 rpm and torsinya of 14.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The power will be streamed on a System V-Belt Automatic transmission. Yamaha’s performance could have been better, because the NVX Yamaha always gave surprises on every motoro.

2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Price

Worth the expensive price of Yamaha NVX, this bike will carry a wide array of advanced technology provider not owned motor matic in his class. Well the most interesting feature is the instrument cluster LCD display with full 5.8 inches. The screen will display a variety of information about the drive, such as speed, fuel remaining, and clock display. This is what makes the price of Yamaha NVX worth sold expensive, because the technology is cutting edge technology front side.

Not only that, Yamaha is also a Smart Stop technology membekalinya System. The technology is capable of switching off the engine automatically when it stops a few seconds and instantly live when the user pulls the lever on the gas. Smart Stop technology System has exactly the same performance with ISS (Idling Stop System) that had become the mainstay motor matic-made Honda. In addition, there is also a feature of the Smart Key System that could open a fuel tangkan and upholstery with a button mounted on the motor deck spaces. With a myriad of advanced features it has, and how much the price of Yamaha NVX?

2019 Yamaha NVX 155 Release Date

With its advanced features, certainly the price of Yamaha NVX will be sold pretty expensive. Our prediction price Yamaha NVX will exceed 20 million dollars and the price is sticking to Honda Vario 150 eSP which marketed in Indonesia approximately USD 22 millions. It could just be the price is more expensive, because motor matic offers a more modern instrument cluster who adopt LCD screen with 5.8-inch span. The design also looks more modern with a tapered headlamp tamap futuristic and different with motor matic in General.

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