2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Special Edition

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2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Special Edition

2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Special Edition – The Kawasaki J125 Scooter is a great scooter often known as the Super Scooter. It’s aggressive design adopts the design elements of the Kawasaki ninja group that will appeal to super sports fans. With many scooters available in the market, it was important that the Kawasaki J125 stand out from the crowd. The J125’s sharp, aggressive design adopts the design elements of our Kawasaki Super Sports Ninja, ensuring the similarity of Kawasaki’s powerful family just as its larger brother J300 did.

2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Special Edition

2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Special Edition
2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Special Edition


2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Specs

The ignition key has three locations: ON, OFF and locked (which locks the steering column). The ignition key is equipped with a shutter to discourage tampering and theft. The shutter can be conveniently opened using the back of the key. The settings are set to offer both light and sports handling and a comfortable ride feel when navigating the streets of the European city. Background shocks are adjustable preload, with five settings to choose from.

The new Kawasaki J125 uses a 125 cc liquid cylinder cooling engine that provides plenty of energy to handle the daily mobility requirements. The ABS system ensures that the maximum stop power is given even on the covers of the grease openings.

2019 Kawasaki J125 Features

There are many features that set the J125 apart from the other scooters available today, such as adjustable brake levers to fold the foot of the pillion foot pegs derived from the Kawasaki motorcycle ranges. Provides front and rear disc brakes. At the front, a 260 mm drum was captured by two piston calipers. The stainless steel mesh brake hose contributes to the sense of direct brake. A 240 mm petal disc and double piston caliper slow down the rear.

2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Colors

2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Colors
2019 Kawasaki J125 ABS Colors

A great deal of thought has gone in this new scooter from Kawasaki engineers. Sports ninja features include carved floor panels that not only allow maximum bank or lean angles but also allow legs to legs to go straight down rather than spread away when fixed.

Based on the stunning design of the Kawasaki J300, the J125’s design distinguishes it from other scooters in the 125cc market. High attention to detail and superb level of fit and finish contribute to its high quality appearance. Like the J300, the J125’s multifaceted design catches the design elements of our high-end models, ensuring a strong similarity between the Kawasaki family.

2019 Kawasaki J125 Review

As well as the sporting aspects of the Kawasaki J125 also boasts all of the practical features that the owners of the super scooter today have come to expect, as the comfortable seat is already surrounded by comfort. There is a storage under the seat for a full face helmet and a sealed gloves box to store your mobile phone or anything else you might need a modern passenger, as well as a hook in front of the rider to buy your takeaway.

At the rear, the sharp tail collar gives the rear of the J125 a distinctive Kawasaki appearance. The rear light design Sharp is similar to that of our Z models that helps the J125 stand out from the rest of the mob in traffic congestion in the city.

The design of the tools contributes to the high quality image. The equipment consists of an analog speedometer and a speedometer that surrounds a multi-function LCD panel. Functions include LCD meter: odometer, dual flight meters, service mode, clock, fuel gauge, radiator temperature gauge, engine warning code.

The floorboards provide a good grip, helping to hold the foot of the rider in place, which also contributes to the easy control of the J125’s. Heel knuckles make it easier to hold the bike with heels, and facilitate

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