2019 Ducati 848 Evo Top Speed

2019 Ducati 848 Evo Top Speed

2019 Ducati 848 Evo Top Speed – In 1994, when Ducati launched the 748 with its silhouette by a precision of 916 it was really a superbike child. In 2003 the 749 was carried out on a combat Super Sport but then in 2008 the Ducati launched 848 and not 750 or 751 I had reasonably expected. The additional 100cc may not seem like a big deal, but was excluded from the 848 competition in the SuperSport class and since then it has always been one odd stand at the corner of the 600 SuperSport party.

Strange how, at 849cc – the only 67cc 916 original kiss – it’s still managed to keep its Superbike image of her baby and yet she put out more power than the original 916 did. I dynoed the EVO 848 in the PDQ and made 124 horsepower in the rear wheels, compared with the 916 good that was made around 115bhp. 10 years ago you probably would not have thought of stepping out of the Hornet 600 and Ali 916 but it seems that the 848 is a logical step, with what the “Superbike Child” soundly sound.

2019 Ducati 848 Evo Top Speed

2019 Ducati 848 Evo Top Speed
2019 Ducati 848 Evo Top Speed

2019 Ducati 848 Evo Review

Unlike the 1098, however, the Ducati 848 features a wet clutch, which is very funky for Ducati. The dry clutches, and the noise that emanates from them, are synonymous with Ducati motorcycles. The Italian manufacturer, holding performance above all other concerns, has historically constructed street-going versions of superhero bikes with a dry clutch-oriented race found in its own competition machines. Ducati claims the 848 clutch is wet and lighter, reduces noise and extends service intervals when compared to a dry claw version. The Ducati 848 wet clutch also represents a change in the Ducati philosophy where the company is building each bike for its realistic / intended environment (in this case riding the street) and not as if every bike that produces is being raced on its closed circuit.

After Ducati’s release of 848, Ducati sold more than 1,200 units in the first six months of availability, making the Ducati 848 the fastest-selling motorcycle in the history of Ducati (beating the former registrar, 1098, by 200 units) and representing 20% ​​of Ducati’s overall North American sales . In fact 849cc displacement, the Ducati claims 848 produces 134 horsepower and 70 lb-ft of torque. With a dry weight claimed of 370 lbs, the Ducati 848 weighs 11 lbs. Less than its 1098 counterpart. From 2008 to 2010, the Ducati remained 848 unchanged, then the Ducati model was updated and in 2011 Ducati introduced 848evo.

2019 Ducati 848 Evo Specs

The Ducati 848evo 2011 has emerged the evolutionary testa testast engine. With new cylinder heads, pistons, throttle bodies, camshafts and higher compression ratios, the engine re-design increased the horsepower to 140 alleged at 10,500 rpm and torque to claim 72 lb ft at 9750 rpm. The new Ducati 848evo also boasts upgraded braking components, and the steering damper was moved to the same position as in 1098/1198.

The brake pads were single-block Brembo’s new one-piece caliper machined from solid alloy and matching Ducati brakes 1098/1198. This setup replaced the previous braking components that also used Brembo’s four piston calipers, but the calipers were cast in two pieces instead of a machined piece. The Ducati 848evo was also the first Ducati Superbike to feature die-cast crankshafts formed using positonal technology, which is a process that increases the strength and reduces the weight of cranks by maintaining a uniform wall thickness.

In 2011 Ducati 848evo, competing against the 600cc built-in four-cylinder Japanese sportbikes in the Daytona Sportbike class, won 200 Daytona. Experienced by a pirate rider, Jason Disalvo, the Daytona 200 was the first win for the 848evo competing in the first road race and the first ever win by Ducati at the 200 Daytona. The list is broad, are you ready? The head of the new pistons, the new pistons to increase the compression ratio from 12: 1 to 13.2: 1, adjust intake outlets, new camshaft give higher lift, 4mm larger throttle bodies now at 60mm and the Rev. roof increased 500rpm to 11,300. Increased energy output? 6bhp.

Although we all crave power, the best Ducati change is the elimination of the front brakes 848. The two pieces of brembos went out in favor of a single piece of the single block brembos as used in 1198. Although the new brake still churned out High on the same 320mm disks, the difference is huge. On the way, it’s hard to claim you can feel that 6hp is extra, but the way the EVO ride has changed from the 848 standard. Although the 848 did not lack torque, it did not feel that being happy was riddled in the red line. Evo now sits much happier in the Supreme Pastor’s circle.


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